The General Conditions purpose are to regulate the use and utilization of our online shop belonging to Autric, established in C / del Rey 2, 28609 Sevilla La Nueva (Madrid).

This online shop has created to make know and to give access to the information container in it, with the restrictions and limits given by the actual general conditions and also to allow and to make possible the access to other sites ,professional or any other type of connection pages.

The mere use of our online shop gives the user condition (“user”) which declares and admits to know without exception nor reserves every and all general conditions Shawn in this document sets.

NatacionShop will make available to all registered users the possibility to know the contents, services and any information concerning to the social purpose of the present entity. The present general conditions completely include the agreement between the parties with respect to the contract of sale transactions among NatacionShop and its customers.

NatacionShop is authorized to modify unilaterally each and every one of the obligations under these terms without pre- advice. It is also authorized to restructure, modify or cancel any information, service or contents of its web site without pre-advise. The change of any of the actual general conditions for one case will only be valid in writing and signed by the legal representatives of all parts.


Any user will have free access through NatacionsHop.com to the information of the mentioned web page.

The web access conditions are subject to the legal conditions in force and the good will principles and legal use by the users, especially and limitedly forbidding any proceeding contrary to our line shop or their parties.

The website does not require the pre- subscription for simple navigation, access or use of the service. On the contrary, the access to particular contents and services will require the pre-subscription and the corresponding user registration (from now on Registered User) with regards to the personal data see NatacionShop.com Privacy Policy.


Following the previously established NatacionShop.com will retain for him some of the services offered in our online shop to the recorded users of NatacionShop.com by the filling of the relevant record form of NatacionShop.com users ready for the there in interested users.

The users will be engaged to select, use and maintain his users name or “login” and password (form now on and joint modus the access keys) in conformity with the establishment of the following clauses.


The User will have the option to choose and indicate your own access keys. The user will may not choose words, expressions or graphic-verbal offensive, injurious, coincided with trade marks, brands, shop marks, social nominations, publicity expressions, names and pseudonymous of public relevant for famous people for which use is not authorized and, in general, contrary to law, morality and public order. NatacionShop.com keeps the right to eliminate or cancel any user name with any of the above mentioned characteristics.

The Access Keys assignment is automatic, with the only criterion of non existing previous identical access keys identical to the selected by the user.

If there are not previous identical access keys they will be automatically assigned by NatacionShop.com the user may change them at any time by any other, always in conformity with previous and read conditions usage and safe- keeping.


The User engages himself to make a licit and diligent use of Access Keys and not to make them available to others.

The User will engage himself to authentically inform at soonest the access keys missing or stalling, as well as any access risks to them by third party. The NatacionShop.com are only available for use by the assigned users.NatacionShop.com will have no responsibility at all for the damages from the fraudulent or no diligent at the safe- keeping and care of the NatacionShop.com missing or use contrary so the present general conditions.


The user is engaged to make a licit, diligent, honest and correct use of any information or content he may receive from the website NatacionShop.com or other means previously given by NatacionShop.com on the good faith principle an always under the legality in force.

The User will abstain from obtain any information, but for his personal use (information will be considered any message, sound record, photographs, drawings, software and in general any kind or type of computer record, files, graphics etc...) belonging to our online shop.

The User is also engaged neither maliciously nor intentionally provoke damages that could deteriorate or disturb the own web and neither put into nor to spread out the so called “computer viruses “ that could alter without any authorization the contents or systems incorporated to our online shop. This engagement must follows the established in law ,moral and public order in force neither to copy , nor to reproduce, nor to distribute, nor to transfer, nor to transform, nor to modify the contents without the pre consent by written of NatacionShop.com or NatacionShop.com authorized person.

NatacionShop.com is exonerated of any failure or computer virus introduced by third person with regards to above.

To accomplish all the established requirements our copyright, industrial and other similar property rights.


The Database of NatacionShop.com includes all the information the customer should need, and updated prices and complete technical description, etc.. The given information should be never considered as complete or exhaustive because to the diversity of products and services of this industry. NatacionShop.com on his side will try according to his means to update continuously the product prices by constant information with supplies and manufacturers.

NatacionShop.com declares that the offered product usually corresponds with its photography and technical description. However NatacionShop.com is not responsible in the cases of human mistakes due to photography, technical description or prices variations or wrongs. Please note that the photographs have only a indicative aim and hat there could be some changes as per as their physical appearance but without any damage in the integrity of the required product.

NatacionShop.com will neither be responsible for the contents, information, opinions or comments appearing in their web and nor for their use made by the user.


NatacionShop.com will only and exclusive be responsible for the services given by itself and for the contents created direct by the own web and identified with its correspondent NatacionShop.com is engaged to adopt the required means and measures to grant the security and privacy of communications. However NatacionShop.com will not be responsible when once made the required security measures they were broken by agents out of NatacionShop.com even nor on indirect or subsidiary way for any content, information, opinion or declaration of any type created by the user or other persons or entities with access, or may transmit, contact, exhibit or sell this information to the NatacionsShop.com.

NatacionShop.com keeps his Wright to temporary stop the service given to user without pre-announcing wherever required to make maintenance, updating or service improvement works. NatacionsShop.com may also modify the access and/or specified placing conditions of the integrative content of our online shop and to prevent, to limit, to blockade or to cancel the access to the users making no licit, honest and diligent of the services given by web. Following the same NatacionShop.com could cancel, blockade or limit the use of the illicit, racist, criminal, pertaining to gift terrorism apologia, violation of human wrights, defamatory, pornographic, defraud or any other way to break the rules of application either national or international.

NatacionShop.com neither grants the permanent availability and continuity of our online shop due to interruptions, failures etc... Nor to admit any responsibility on the damages or injuries to the users because of informatics virus or external agents from third persons action on the web or electronic documents and files stored into the informatics system.

NatacionShop.com makes available for the users some tools such as buttons, banners, links allowing the users to access to other sites related to the social aim of our online shop or others. The settings of these tools are made to provide and to make available the routing to the user .NatacionShop.com is not responsible for the sites available to the user on the page concerning to the honor Wright. Therefore it will be under the user responsibility his access to these hyperlinks, restricting, blocking or canceling these buttons if they are contrary to the established principle of the present General Conditions.


Absolutely aimed for the due use and handling to be given to the personal characteristics, following the legal rules valid at present on this, has put in effect a system to maintain the security, integrity and confidence of the points considered as personal.

Further to follow each and all the requirements established for this in the Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13, for Personal Data Protection, gives not only legal warranty but also loyal of the personal data, as well as a system suitable for the exercise of the wrights, rectify, canceling and opposition established on the above mention ate organic law.

The users engage of the services given by this on-line shop includes their authorization for the use, handling and passing onto to all parties which direct or indirectly may have professional relationships for the provision of this service .

NatacionShop.com will lodge all personal data of the users at an automatic record with the aim to manage, control, prevention and maintenance of the service to give.

This record meets all the requirements and warranties established in the rule on Data Protection. NatacionShop.com will ask only and exclusively for the personal data of users and they will always be adequate, appropriate and not excessive. Users authorize to NatacionShop.com to automatic handling their personal data and they will be advice to get in contact with NatacionShop.com record department for their access, rectifying, canceling and opposition at the given directions.